Every student's immunization records are reviewed to ensure compliance with New Jersey state requirements for school admission.  Please see the current New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services: Minimum Immunization Requirements for School Attendance in New Jersey (pdf)
Documents accepted as evidence of immunization include:
  • Official school/childcare records
  • Records from any public health department
  • Physician's certificate/letterhead stationary/prescription pad listing specific vaccines and administration dates signed by a licensed physician or advanced practice nurse 
Medical Contraindication:
No student must be required to have any immunization that is medically contraindicated.  Requests for medical exemption must state:
  • The reason the immunization is medically contraindicated
  • The specific period of time for which immunization is medically contraindicated
  • The signature of a licensed physician or advanced practice nurse
Religious Exemption:
A student may be exempt from a required immunization if it conflicts with the student's religious beliefs or practices.  The parent/guardian must request the religious exemption by writing a letter stating how receiving immunizations conflict with religious beliefs.
Provisional Admission:
Provisional admission allows a child to enter/attend school after having received a minimum of one dose of each of the required vaccines.  Students must be in the process of completing the series of vaccines.   
Tuberculosis Testing:
All students transferring into Mountain Lakes High School from certain foreign countries with known high tuberculin reactor rates will need to be receive a Mantoux Tubersol Skin Test.  Parents/guardians of these students will be notified by the school nurse if a Mantoux Skin Test is required.  The parents/guardians may choose to have the skin test done by their healthcare provider or the school nurse.