Mountain Lakes Educational Foundation

The MLEF is a non-profit organization that is run entirely by a volunteer Board of Directors and Trustees. The role of the Board is to make planning and policy decisions; become responsible for financing those decision; monitoring implementation; and promoting community understanding of and support for the MLEF.

Each year, new members are nominated by the current Board. Members generally serve a two-year term.

2017  Board of Directors and Trustees:
Jennifer Keyt, President 
Barbara Wyciskala, Fundraising                 Wendy Bennet, Secretary 
Lurdes Agatep                                             Michele Siddons, Treasurere
Andrea McLaughlin                                   Leah Apel
Marianne Scelsa,                                        Lana Oneil
Betty McAleer
Michele Gregorek
Heather Scott
Wendy Kotsen 
Erinn Tucker, HSA liaison
Julie Shepard, Board of Education Liaison
Role of Board Members
  • Support the mission
  • Attend all MLEF meetings and actively participate in decision making
  • Serve on at least one committee and attend its meetings.
  • Share your particular area of expertise with the MLEF.
  • Support and participate in fund-raising activities.
  • Be an advocate for the MLEF.
  • Be willing to assume a leadership position and be a team player.
  • Make a financial commitment to the MLEF appropriate to your circumstances.


Database: develop a database of MLEF supporters
Development: fundraising and development of corporate support
Finance: banking and management of funds
Fundraising Events: plans and organizes all fundraising events
Grants: reviews grant applications and make decisions
Liaisons: promote public awareness and facilitates communication among school principals and other organizations
Nominating: seeks new members
Newsletter: communicates on a regular basis to report progress and apprise community of MLEF efforts
Publicity: publicizes MLEF activities through various media including H&SA Bulletin
Website: maintains website