Mountain Lakes Virtual Backpack
October 14, 2015
  District Flyers
 Meet the Candidates for
Board of Education 
H&SA Restaurant Week
"Dinner with Doug"
Meet the Candidates  HSA Restaurant Week  Dinner with Doug  
Town Club
Newcomers' Party 
ML Library Lecture Series 
LAX Equipment Drive
 TC Newcomers' Party ML Library LAX Equipment
 Halloween Safe Zone
 Teal Pumpkin Project
Grayhawk Happenings 
Safe Zone  Teal Pumpkin Project   Grayhawks
Herd Pillowcase
Herd Jamberry Fundraiser
Medical Needs Foundation
Spirit 5K
Pillowcase Herd Jamberry Fundraiser
MNF Spirit 5K
Jr. Laker Basketball
Jr. Laker Wrestling
Jr Lake Basketball
Jr Laker Wrestling

MLHS Flyers
Parent Volunteer Sign-Ups
 The Mountaineer
New Edition Online
 FOTA Membership
 HSA Sign-Ups Mountaineer  FOTA
 Ice Hockey Meeting

Laker Sports Club
Membership Contest
LSC Membership
  Briarcliff Flyers
Picture Day
8th Grade Baby Photos
for Yearbok
Box Tops for Education 
Picture Day   8th Photos  Box Tops
MLBT Ice Hockey
 Girls Scouts

MLBT Ice Hockey  
Girl Scouts @ BC
 Wildwood Flyers
Wildwood Book Fair
Playground Makeover
Box Tops for Education
 Book Fair  Playground BTFE
 Birthday Book Club
 Birthday Bake Shoppe
 Indoor Sports @ the Y
Birthday Book Club
Birthday Bake Shoppe
 Indoor Sports
 Read to Gus
@ ML Library
Girls Scouts
Cub Scout Events 
Read to Gus   Girls Scouts @ WW Cub Scouts