• Referendum Update:  Wildwood and Briarcliff Phase 1 Bids Rejected

    On May 8, we received bids for Wildwood and Briarcliff Phase 1.  The lowest responsible bid for the combined projects, including the Wildwood restrooms, came in at $5,339,000, which was 32% or $1,295,000 over budget, net of a $150,000 allowance.  The primary reasons cited by our architects for the bids coming in above budget were:  rising material costs and speculation about substantially higher future material costs due to U.S. imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum imports; higher transportation costs due to rising fuel prices resulting from the US’s withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear accord; and some modifications to the design specs requested by building stakeholders before final plans were submitted to the state in March 2018.  At the time, these modifications were believed to be within the cost contingencies built into the budget. 

    On June 4, the Board voted to reject the current bids for Wildwood and Briarcliff phase one and therefore, construction will not begin this summer.

    Currently, we are working with our architect, FKA, to determine if there are measures we can take to reduce costs without changing the scope of the projects in each building.  This includes the high school, which has yet to go out for bid.  FKA will be attending our next Board meeting on 6/26, at which time we will discuss courses of action including the cost reduction measures.




    Links to the 2016 - 2017 School Performance Reports from the NJDOE:

  • Click below for the 2018-2019 User Friendly Budget

    2018-2019 User Friendly Budget


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  • Completed Water Test Results

    Please be advised the water testing program for the presence of lead in drinking water has been completed in all four of our school buildings. The water sampling procedure was carried out by the Mountain Lakes Water Department in accordance with EPA guidelines and under the direction of the Mountain Lakes Health Department and Borough Engineer.

    All drinking fountains, water coolers, ice makers, and sinks used for food preparation, health care, staff break rooms, and school offices were sampled. The water samples were taken to a State Certified Laboratory for analysis using EPA guidelines and standards. The results of the water testing program indicate that all water samples taken meet the safe standard established by the EPA.

    Please click here for the actual certified laboratory reports which include the results of all water test samples.

    MLHS and Briarcliff Results

    Lake Drive and Wildwood Results


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