• Enrichment Classes
    Jr. Jazz Workshop / Grades 4 - 8 
    July 17 - July 21    Tuition: $150 (Only ONE Week)    Time: 12:30 pm – 2:35 pm (Note Times)     
    During this one-week workshop, students will join our elementary school music teachers for musical fun and learning. The program will culminate in an afternoon performance for parents. This class will meet at MLHS.
    Briarcliff Boot Camp / Rising 6th Graders NEW!
    Time: 10:25 am – 12:30 pm 
    July 17 - July 28         Tuition: $225 (Note, 2-week class)
    This is two-week class allows students to check out and explore Briarcliff Middle School. Students will practice locker combinations, participate in team-building activities including a scavenger hunt, discuss required summer reading, practice Math skills, and learn how to get organized for middle school with materials and Canvas. This class will meet at the high school and involve trips over to Briarcliff. 
    Summer Debate Course / Grades 5 – 8
    Grades 5 - 8 Time: 8:05 am – 10:10 am
    July 17 - August 4        Tuition: $325

    Overcome your fear of public speaking!  Enhance your note-taking and organizational skills! Prepare for the 2017 - 2018 debate season! In this rigorous three-week workshop, students will delve into the world of competitive debate.  Suitable for novices and veterans alike, this class will strike a balance between theory and practice.  Through regular participation in Lincoln-Douglas or public forum debates, students will enhance their public speaking, cross-examination, and rebuttal skills.  Supplemental lectures and discussions will explore the theoretical side of debate.  Topics will include logic and argumentation, use of evidence, and debate strategy.
    Digital Storytelling / Grades 5 – 11
    July 17 - August 4       Time: 10:25 am – 12:30 pm      Tuition: $325
    This three-week workshop offers students an opportunity to write and create original digital stories using iMovie.  Digital Storytelling is a multi-media format for capturing, creating, and sharing personal stories.  This highly effective form of communication brings together creative writing, image, sound, music, and voice to form original digital narratives. 
    Math Lab / Grades 7-12
    Time: 10:25 am - 12:30 pm      Tuition: $110 per week       (Offered each week)
    Students are able to work at their own pace under the supervision of a certified mathematics teacher. Instruction is offered for mathematics courses ranging from Algebra 1 to Calculus. Classes are limited in size and designed to provide a combination of both one-on-one work as well as a more structured, small group, classroom environment. Two-week minimum required.
    SAT/ACT Prep Course / Grades 9 -12    
    Time: 8:05 am – 10:10 am       Tuition: $350         
    June 26- July 14 OR July 17 - August 4
    This three-week course meets two hours per day and prepares students for both the SAT I and ACT exams. Over the course of the 20 hours, students will learn both the skills and strategies to succeed on the Math, Critical Reading, and Writing sections of the tests. Students will rotate through the test sections with two specialized instructors, spending an hour at a time in each classroom. By the end of the three weeks, all students will possess the confidence and know-how to maximize their individual performance on the SAT & ACT exams. 
    Advanced Composition  / Grades 9 -12         
    June 26 - July 14        Time: 10:25 am – 12:30 pm     Tuition: $325
    Taught by an AP English teacher, this three-week workshop is designed to deepen composition skills and help high school students gain fluency and confidence in their writing.  Using a workshop format, students will use the writing process to sharpen approaches and strategies for writing expository, argumentative, and narrative pieces.  Experience in these modes of writing is valuable for standardized tests and college applications, and is critical in the academic setting. Students will emerge from the class with a better sense of how to organize, draft, revise, and edit their own work for publication and submission.
    Robotics! / Grades 7 - 12  NEW!
    July 17 - August 4    Tuition: $325     Time: 8:05 am – 10:10 am     
    During this three-week course, students will use robotics to explore the fundamental principles of engineering and electronics.  Students will be introduced to basic programming as well as problem-solving strategies.  This course will involve students in the development, building, and programming of Tetrix NXT robotic.  Students will explore topics such as motor control, gear ratios, torque, friction, sensors, timing, program loops, and propulsion systems.
    Middle School MOCK TRIAL / Grades 6 – 8 NEW! 
    June 26 - July 14      Time: 8:05 am – 10:10 am         Tuition: $325
    Whether interested in a possible career in the law or a fan of Court TV and Law & Order, this is an excellent opportunity to learn about the legal process. Using materials culled from the New Jersey State Bar Foundation (NJSBF) and other resources, this Middle School Mock Trial Enrichment Class will serve as a good introduction to the Mock Trial process, as well as, reinforce Mock Trial skills in students already involved in the NJSBF Grades 7-8 Law Adventures Mock Trial Program. Students will have an opportunity to experience legal research, legal writing and an actual Mock Trial Competition.  Students will develop their critical thinking, formal writing and public speaking skills.
    Introduction to Graphic Design / Grades 7 - 12 NEW!
    June 26- July 14               Time: Advance credit 8:05 am – 12:30 pm           Tuition: $650 Advanced Credit    
    Have you wondered about the creative process behind your favorite magazine’s layout or the logo for your favorite brand? Graphic design is more than just combining text and graphics; it is the application of art and communication skills to meet the needs of the client. It takes skill and knowledge from several disciplines to make a printed piece outstanding. Designers must concern themselves with the message and the aesthetics in order to realize the purpose of the piece. We will explore this process in Introduction to Graphic Design. In this class students will learn the basis for good design, some “rules” for graphic design industry standards, and an introduction to the computer programs used in the graphic design industry (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign). Students will take their knowledge and apply it to create their own project(s) using real world graphic design scenarios.  Please bring a flash drive and a sketchbook/notebook. This course can be used to partially fulfill the MLHS Practical Arts requirement.  
    Graphic Design II / Grades 7 - 12 NEW! 
    July 17 - August 4               Time: Advance credit 8:05 am – 12:30 pm           Tuition: $650 Advanced Credit      
    Did you enjoy Introduction to Graphic Design? Do you want to build on your introductory knowledge? This class will take the knowledge that was taught in Introduction to Graphic Design and build on it. Students will continue to build their portfolio in this class. Please bring a flash drive and a sketchbook/notebook. This course can be used to partially fulfill the MLHS Practical Arts requirement.   
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