•  BC Sketch The 2012-2013 school year is an exciting time for all of us in the curriculum office. This year we are continuing our many partnerships with community groups. I am especially looking forward to working with the League of Women Voters who are organizing another great Running and Winning program for our students in March.
    Also, as part of our district’s Long Range Education Plan, each of the schools are making the transition to 21st-century learning. That is why in today’s classrooms, we are promoting curricula that fosters student collaboration and active participation through discussions, explorations, and performances. By 2014, concepts of Sustainability and 21st Century Skills instruction will be deeply integrated into the daily activities of learning. Professional development opportunities will support staff in understanding these concepts and in implementing instruction to promote authentic learning. We are especially dedicated to providing optimal learning environments, systems, and procedures conducive to sustainable education. Learn more below.
    Furthermore, our teachers and administrators are diligently preparing for two major changes from both state and national mandates. The first, from Trenton, focuses on teacher and administrator observations and evaluations. We have formed an EE4NJ Committee that is focusing on this state mandate and you can keep track of our progress at the website below. Also, New Jersey has joined over 40 other states in adopting new Common Core Literacy & Math Standards. This adoption will bring needed change to our curriculum program.