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    Membership & Support

    Your Annual Financial Support is Important!
    The H&SA depends on your annual financial support for our programs to be successful. If you browse through the H&SA information on this website, you will see all the different ways that your dues and donations make a difference for our children!
    What It Means to be a Member
    Our annual membership dues are $35 for families with children in the schools, $10 for non-student families. Simply by paying your dues, you become a member of H&SA. You don't need to volunteer your time, or help out in any other way, although you may find this fun! In addition to providing financial support for all our activities, as a member, you will be able to attend Board meetings and vote on our budget. Your membership is important to us, and without it, we would not be able to continue to offer the services we provide to the schools and community.

    Other Ways to Contribute
    The H&SA offers many opportunities to volunteer your time and talent in and around our schools. In addition to paying membership dues, some of our members volunteer their time to serve on the Board, on a committee, or to help on a specific project in one of the schools.

    Become a member today!  
    Please make check payable to ML H&SA, ($35 for families with children in our schools or $10 for non-student families). The $35 membership entitles your family a copy of the most current Student Directory (online and mobile), which will be sent home with your youngest student.  For any questions on membership information, please contact Jake DeNooyer at mlhsamember@gmail.com.

    Your continued annual support allows us to partially or fully fund or volunteer assist the following programs for all of our schools:

    General Program Meetings 

    3-4 meetings for parents discussing relevant, current topics 
    ML Student Directory 
    printed directory of all student families attending ML schools as well as an online and mobile version
    Individual School Grants 
    grants for items unattainable in the regular school budget
    Annual Recognition Luncheon
    honors school personnel, milestone anniversaries and retirements
    Teacher Appreciation Luncheons 
    teachers and staff are treated to spring luncheons
    Parents Appreciate Teachers and Staff 
    surprise treats for all teachers and staff
    New Teacher Social 
    H&SA provides a welcome lunch during this social event
    Annual H&SA Bake Sale 
    our longest-running and biggest fundraising event of the year
    Family Portraits by the Lake
    one of our newest successful fundraising events
    Specifically at Mountain Lakes High School:
    Freshman Orientation  •  Project Graduation  •  Graduation  •  Graduating Senior Scholarships  •  National Honor Society Reception  •  Student Recognition Events  •  Student Volunteer Award
    Specifically at Wildwood:
    Book Fair  •  Cultural Arts Program  •  Holiday Shopping Spree  •  Bingo Nights  •  Field Day  •  Popcorn Fridays  •  Next is Briarcliff – 5th grade •  Art room   •  Back–to-School Supplies  •  New Parent Social

    Specifically at Briarcliff:
    Book Fair  •  New Student Social  •  Field Day  •  7th and 8th Grade Dances  •  8th Grade Trip  •  Completion Ceremony