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    Volunteer Opportunities

    The H&SA fulfills its mission by providing the schools a wide variety of programs, services, grants and publications. Volunteerism is at the heart of everything we do. The H&SA appreciates our many volunteers, who enable us to sponsor and provide assistance for all the activities that occur throughout the school year. We offer numerous opportunities for volunteering in our schools as well as helping with our many programs and services.  


    Volunteer in Wildwood
    Help the teachers or administrators with communications, displays, and activities. You can become a homeroom parent, library, cafeteria or office volunteer, a member of the Principal's Advisory Council (randomly chosen by principal), an art room volunteer, or a bulletin board display volunteer. There are also opportunities to plan teacher appreciation events, or to be a team member for Family Night, Cultural Arts, H&SA Bake Sale, Book Fair, Holiday Shopping Spree, Popcorn Friday, Next-Is-Briarcliff, Field Day or Social and Hospitality. To learn more, contact Wildwood Chair, Heather Hornyak, at: hrenee1@hotmail.com
    Volunteer in Briarcliff
    Our middle school has volunteers assist with the 7th and 8th grade dances, Field Day and Book Fair. Briarcliff also needs parents to serve as grade coordinators or Principal Advisory Committee members (randomly chosen by principal). There are also opportunities to plan teacher appreciation events, or to be a team member for Briarcliff Fundraisers, PEP sign-ups, H&SA Bake Sale or Social and Hospitality. To learn more, contact Briarcliff Chair, Cortney Hann at: hanncort@hotmail.com
    Volunteer in MLHS
    Our older children may not need the same type of support as our younger ones, but there's plenty to do. We help to plan and organize recognition breakfasts, teacher's appreciation events, dances and graduation events. To learn more, contact the High School Chair,  Kim Forte at:  ck4099@optonline.net
    Volunteer to help with Fundraising
    Help the H&SA raise funds to support all its programs, grants, publications and communications or for specific programs such as Cultural Arts or Scholarship. Our main fundraiser, the Annual Bake Sale, needs volunteers to host workshops, help to cook and to deliver. These cooking workshops are lots of fun and a good way to meet new people or catch up with friends. To learn more, contact the Vice President of  Fundraising, Mia Gannitello Wianecki at: mia68@optonline.net
    Volunteer to help with Programs
    Meet with other H&SA volunteers to plan, organize and run one or more of the H&SA sponsored programs, such as our annual Book Fairs, Cultural Arts programs, Holiday Shopping Spree, Popcorn Fridays, Field Days, Helping Hands, moving-up days and Family Bingo Nights. These programs are planned outside of school and conducted either during or after school. To learn more, contact the Vice President of Programming, Jill Sherman at: jillsherman@optonline.net