Mountain Lakes Educational Foundation
    Apply for a Grant

    Thank you for considering applying for a grant from the Mountain Lakes Educational Foundation. The Foundation accepts applications for grants that support enrichment opportunities for the Mountain Lakes educational community.

    Through the years, MLEF has provided grants that support many disciplines of learning and aspects of student life. These areas include, but are not limited to, technology, science, the arts, health & safety and recreation.
    Who Can Apply

    Everyone in the community, including all residents, students, administrative personnel, faculty and staff are invited to apply.

    Application Deadlines

    October 15, January 15, April 15, July 15
    To apply for a grant, you need to write a proposal that tells the MLEF the purpose of your grant, your role in the project, who it will benefit, and how much you are requesting. You should include all the points in the Grant Proposal Outline link here and on the menu to the left of this page.

    Where to Send the Application

    Please mail your completed application to:
    Chairperson, Grant Committee
    Mountain Lakes Educational Foundation
    c/o Borough Hall
    400 Boulevard
    Mountain Lakes, NJ 07046

    When Will I Hear Back?

    Decisions will be made approximately 30 days after the application deadline.