• MLEF Meeting Notes 11/30

    · Meeting Open
    · Finance
    o $45,000 (aprox) in the bank
    o $60,000 is committed as follows
    § 20K to MLHS 
    § 20K to Briarcliff for 6th grade science lab: already delivered
    § 20K to Wildwood, purpose TBD
    · Board of Ed
    · Grants
    · Gala
    o April 8, 2017 at Rockaway River Country Club
    § New for this year: include consignment trips, prizes for early ticket sales
    · Food Truck Fest Joint Venture with BT Ed Foundation to raise $ for a Maker Space for our HS students with Science interests
    · June 11 from 12-6 at MLHS Student Parking Lot
    o DJ, bands and 12-15 trucks
    o Family activities and student involvement
    · Membership Always looking for new members to join

    · Nominations
    o President: Jenny Keyt
    o Treasurer: Michelle Siddons
    o Secretary: Wendy Bennett
    o Chairs
    § Fundraising: Barb Wyciskala
    § Publicity:
    § Web:
    · Closing