General Information

General Info
Registration Closes June 7, 2019.

2019 Schedule

Classes will meet every day, Monday through Friday (NOTE: There are no classes scheduled on Thursday , July 4 ). The meeting times for each course are listed in the course descriptions section of the website.  Advance credit courses and preview courses meet Monday, June 24th to Friday, August 2nd.  The dates for the courses that run less than six weeks are listed in the course description section.  Missing any class time is strongly discouraged.  However, students taking advance credit courses are allowed two absences, totaling no more than 8 hours.  It is the responsibility of the students enrolled in advance credit classes to make up all work and assignments missed when absent.

In order to enroll, students must complete the online application found on the Mountain Lakes School District website. The tuition deadline is June 7, 2019 and enrollment is based on the order of applications received.  Students may enroll before this date or after, provided that the requested course is not closed. Please note that we reserve the right to cancel any class due to enrollment. We will make that decision in early June. If you have any questions, please contact MLHS Summer Academy Principal Dawn Durkin at 973-334-8454 or via email at 

Classes for Advanced Credit

Students who enroll in the Mountain Lakes High School Summer Academy can only take courses for advance credit, preview, and/or enrichment. We do not offer “review” classes for reclamation of credit. Grades received by MLHS students in advance credit courses are factored into their GPA.  Non-MLHS students can take advance credit courses for credit at their respective schools. It is recommended that prospective students refer to their school’s policy on credit transfers before registering.  Students taking advance credit courses are allowed two absences, totaling no more than 8 hours.  It is the responsibility of the students enrolled in advance credit classes to make up all work and assignments missed when absent. 

The following courses listed and described are the classes that will be offered for advanced credit: 
Algebra 1   Geometry Algebra 2   Pre-Calculus
Biology Chemistry  Physics Computer Science

Tuition & Fees
A separate enrollment fee of $50 (per family), which can be paid by check, cash, or money order, must be submitted with the completed MLHS Summer Academy application form to Mountain Lakes High School.  The tuition for each course is listed in the course descriptions section of the brochure.  The tuition balance can be paid by check or money order (payable to MLHS), and is due no later than June 24th.  A student’s place in a course may be relinquished if the student has a tuition balance after June 24th.  Students may enroll in courses after June 7th; however, the enrollment fee and the full tuition must be paid at the time of application.  Most textbooks will be provided to students for free during the session. However, students may be required to purchase supplemental materials.  

The $50 enrollment fee is non-refundable.  An additional $150 fee will be assessed if a student withdraws from a course between June 15th and the first day of his/her class.  If a student withdraws in the first half of a course, a refund of 25% of the remaining balance will be given.  No refunds will be given after a student has completed half of his/her course.

Student Conduct
Expectations are high at Mountain Lakes High School in all areas. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner worthy of respect. Behavior that strips any member of the school community of her or his dignity or that infringes on another student’s opportunity to receive an education will not be tolerated and failure to comply with the rules of conduct will result in dismissal from the summer session. Students should dress comfortably, yet modestly. To ensure the safety of our students, only those who are enrolled in a summer course (or who are picking up a student) are permitted in our building. The MLHS Summer Academy’s office closes each day at 1PM, so please make sure that your transportation needs are met by that time.

Honor Code

Mountain Lakes High School is an academic institution dedicated to growth through knowledge and honest excellence, and we recognize the crucial role of personal integrity in all academic endeavors.  The Mountain Lakes tradition of academic excellence can continue only if all accomplishments take place within a climate of honesty, respect, trust, and responsibility. Consequently, it is expected that students and faculty exercise a daily commitment to truthful thoughts and actions, make a commitment to be tolerant of others, and take personal accountability to do the right thing.

Dawn Durkin, Principal
Lisa Cortese, Assistant Principal
Mountain Lakes High School Summer Academy

96 Powerville Road * Mountain Lakes, NJ * 07046 


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