Biology / Grades 8 – 1 0 
Preview course 8:05 am – 10:10 am                                          $650 Preview
Advance Credit 8:05 am – 12:30 pm                                         $1300 Advanced Credit    
This comprehensive six-week lab science course presents biology as the study of life on the planet Earth.  Among the concepts covered in the course are the structures and functions of cells, the biochemical basis of life, the characteristics of various organisms, the classification of organisms, genetics (including molecular genetics) and heredity, evolution and ecological relationships. Class activities and demonstrations will help students investigate various biological processes such as photosynthesis, respiration, circulation, digestion and nervous response.  Laboratory investigations include studies of cells using the microscope, the examination of live and preserved organisms, and the analysis of genetic problems.
Chemistry / Grades 10 – 11
Preview course 10:25 am – 12:30 pm                       $650 Preview
 Advance Credit 8:05 am – 12:30 pm                         $1300 Advanced Credit    
This six-week lab science course focuses on the basic principles of conceptual and experimental chemistry. Topics of study will include the fundamentals of physical and chemical changes of matter, the theory behind chemical reactions and molecular bonding, and basic formula and equation writing.  Students will develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills by applying abstract chemical concepts to extensive laboratory work.  Students are also taught and encouraged to write cogent and analytical laboratory reports, thereby fostering the growth of their written communication skills. Understanding the periodic table, developing laboratory techniques, interpreting data, and writing up experiments are stressed. Modes of instruction include lecture, group discussion, laboratory, demonstration, and student board work.

Physics / Grades 10 – 1 2
                                                  Prerequisite: Algebra 2 with Trigonometry
Preview course 10:25 am – 12:30 pm                       $650 Preview
 Advance Credit 8:05 am – 12:30 pm                         $1300 Advanced Credit   
This six-week lab course stresses conceptual understanding of the principles that govern the physical world and is designed to interest and benefit all students. The student explores topics such as space, time, motion, energy, light, waves, sound, electricity and modern physics by means of a variety of activities. Included are laboratory experiments, numerous demonstrations, and computer-aided experiments.
 Dawn Durkin, Principal 
Lisa Cortese, Assistant Principal
Mountain Lakes High School Summer Academy
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