Elementary Program



Briarcliff Boot Camp / Rising 6th Graders 
Time: 10:25 am – 12:30 pm
July 15 - July 26 Tuition: $225 (Note, 2-week class)
This is two-week class allows students to check out and explore Briarcliff Middle School. Students will practice locker combinations, participate in team-building activities including a scavenger hunt, discuss required summer reading, practice Math skills, and learn how to get organized for middle school with materials and Canvas. This class will meet at the high school and involve trips over to Briarcliff.

LEGO Enrichment / Grades 2 - 5
Time: 8:05 am – 10:10 pm
July 15 - August 2 Tuition: $325
This LEGO enrichment class offers children the opportunity to explore their creativity and learn about architecture, engineering and design using Lego bricks. Each child is given a building challenge that requires them to problem solve: they plan, build, test, and evaluate using set criteria. Each week will be a different theme. The building sessions, activities, and challenges will include math with Legos, building and designing increasingly advanced mechanisms, and creating stories based on original designs. Children will improve their critical thinking skills, fine motor abilities, and develop team work and communication skills which they can apply in daily life. This class will meet at the MLHS Media Center.

LEGO Movie Madness / Grades 2 - 5
Time: 10:25 am – 12:30 pm
July 15 - August 2 Tuition: $325
Learn to make a fabulous and fun Lego-based movie brick by brick. Students will use stop-motion animation techniques to create short movies and Legos bring to life. Imagination will flow as students design miniature sets and plan the action for their original movies. Lego people will star in student-created movies of various genres. Stories will be captured using digital cameras and composed using the iMovie program. Music, text, dialogue, and special effects will all be utilized to tell fantastic stories. This class will meet at the MLHS Media Center.

Writer's Camp / Grades 4 -5 
Time: 10:25 am – 12:30 pm
July 8 - July 12 Tuition: $125 (Only ONE Week)
This camp is for enthusiastic writers who are looking for opportunities to explore their literary interests and share their love of literacy with peers. Students will practice new writing techniques, collaborate with peers, receive feedback from the instructor, be inspired by writing prompts, and be given time to write!

Dawn Durkin, Principal
Mountain Lakes High School Summer Academy

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 mlhssummeracademy@mlschools.org * 973-334-8454