English & Language Arts

Advanced Composition  / Grades 9-12    
June 24 - July 12                       Time: 10:25 am – 12:30 pm                   Tuition: $325
Taught by an AP English teacher, this three-week workshop is designed to deepen composition skills and help high school students gain fluency and confidence in their writing.  Using a workshop format, students will use the writing process to sharpen approaches and strategies for writing expository, argumentative, and narrative pieces.  Experience in these modes of writing is valuable for standardized tests and college applications, and is critical in the academic setting. Students will emerge from the class with a better sense of how to organize, draft, revise, and edit their own work for publication and submission.

Language Arts Fundamentals / Grades 6 – 9 PREVIEW

June 24 - August 2                    Time: 8:05 am – 10:10 am       Tuition: $650         
This six-week course is for students seeking to improve their reading and writing skills and prepare for the types of readings and writing tasks that will appear on next year's new PARCC assessments. This course employs structures and strategies to help students develop skills in several areas including writing, reading of literature, proper use of grammatical structures, and vocabulary building. Using different genres of literature as springboards for varied writing assignments, students can experience writing for many diverse purposes and audiences. By connecting this learning to real-world situations, the curriculum allows students to see beyond the classroom for practical application of the skills learned. In addition, students are responsible for defining and employing in their own writing high-level vocabulary words that are found in the literature. Through the use of benchmark lessons, targeted mini-lessons, one-on-one conferencing, and group work, students will use the texts to complete writing assignments that both enhance their understanding of the themes/writing techniques used in literature and develop their own style of writing that follows the current Common Core States Standards.
Dawn Durkin, Principal 
Lisa Cortese, Assistant Principal
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