• Choral Music Programs 

    Treble Choir (6th and 7th Graders)

    The Treble Choir meets Mondays, Wednesdays (Week B) and Thursdays during 9th Period. The Treble Choir performs in the Winter and Spring Concerts.  We start the year singing in unison and two-part harmony to find the choral "sound" and in the latter part of the year we continue to develop mature singing skills and tackle more difficult harmonies.
    Briarcliff Chorale (8th Graders)
    The Briarcliff Chorale meets Tuesdays, Wednesdays (Week A) and Fridays during 9th period.  Briarcliff Chorale performs in the Winter and Spring concerts. Students get the opportunity to sing challenging pieces of the choral repertoire, while studying the scores more theoretically and analytically. Members of the Chorale will also go on a trip to NYC for lunch and a Broadway matinee!

    Instrumental Music Programs

    The band program at Briarcliff currently consists of two concert bands and a jazz ensemble. Typically, the bands perform in two major seasonal concerts a year, as well as community functions and school-wide events. Students are always welcome to join Band, even if they have never played an instrument. While focus is on developing strong musicianship and technical skills throughout the Band programs, the highest priority is to provide students with a safe, positive environment where they are encouraged to express their art without fear of judgment.

    The Symphonic Band is comprised of 6th and 7th grade students and meets during period 9 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays (Week A) and Fridays.   Although the band meets during PEP period, it is still considered a class for which students receive a grade.

    The Wind Ensemble meets during period 9 on Mondays, Wednesdays (Week B) and Thursdays, and is comprised mainly of 8th graders. Musically advanced 7th graders are granted membership through a selective audition process.

    In addition to the three weekly rehearsals, all Band students are required to attend a group lesson, held once a week on a rotating schedule. Each month, students receive a new lesson schedule and it is the student’s individual responsibility to attend their weekly lesson.

    ‘Cliff’s Notes jazz ensemble is an extracurricular group that meets Tuesday and Thursday mornings during period 0. Jazz band auditions take place in December and are open to all Briarcliff students.  The group is the featured act at Briarcliff’s annual Jazz Café.
    Students involved in guitar at Wildwood School can continue to enjoy playing in guitar ensemble by participating in a weekly practice at the high school on Thursdays after school directed by Mr. Jardim. Students do not need to bring their guitar since they may use the instruments used in the high school guitar class. New students are welcome to join as well only if they meet a minimum note reading proficiency. Please check for current information about rehearsal information and content.