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    Welcome to the MLHS World Languages Department Website
    Because one of our school's AFG goals is to raise our students' global awareness and sensitivity to diversity, the World Language Department has taken the lead in this initiative. As proponents of 21st century skills, we believe that "language education not only contributes to students’ career and college readiness, it also helps develop the individual as language learners take on a new and more invigorating view of the world. They come to understand the world better because of their knowledge of speakers of another language – of people who share many of the same hopes and dreams for their future. While perspectives may differ among speakers of different languages, more similarities exist than we might imagine. However, it is only through knowing the language of others that we can truly understand how they view the world. And this is what makes the language student a 21st Century skilled learner!"  (World Language Map & PDF version)