• Vaxjo--we will miss you!

    Posted by Anne Mucci on 2/15/2012
    We are on the road to Malmo!  The kids are very sad to leave the Swedish students, especially after such an amazing concert.  The choirs received a standing ovation from a full audience at the Vaxjo Cathedral. 
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  • Concert in Växjö

    Posted by Anne Mucci on 2/14/2012
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  • Castles, Crystals, Cathedrals, oh my!

    Posted by Anne Mucci on 2/13/2012
    Today we visited the ruins of the Kroneberg Castle, an ancient battleground between the Danes and the Swedes. Of course the battles have long since concluded, but the site remains to commemorate the lives lost in the conflict. Next, we visited a world-famous Swedish glass-blowing factory where we observed the mesmerizing process of masterful artisans transforming liquid sand into glass. We then returned to town and walked pass the Växjö Cathedral where we would be performing at the next night. It was stunning from the outside, and we can't wait to perform tomorrow. We went back to the music school to rehearse and had a fun time singing with Raise the Roof!
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  • Lunch & Tour of Utvandrarnas Hus!

    Posted by Anne Mucci on 2/12/2012
    Today we met our local tour guide, Agnita, who is a wealth of information about Swedish traditions and culture. She took our group to the Utvandrarnas Hu, the national House of Emigrants for Sweden. We had a delicious lunch and saw an interesting exhibit on emigrants that came from Sweden to America.

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  • Waiting for our Departure

    Posted by Anne Mucci on 2/11/2012
    We arrived at Newark safely with hours to spare before takeoff.  We took advantage of the time to charge our phones!

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  • Two Days Until Our Departure!

    Posted by Anne Mucci on 2/8/2012
    Our tour programs arrived today and they look phenomenal, thank you Mrs. Watrous!
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