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    Welcome to the Lake Drive Health Office
    Sharon Wendler, RN BSN CSN

    Sharon Wendler, RN BSN CSN
    Certified School Nurse                                      
    Voice (973) 299-0166
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    The goal of all the health offices in Mountain Lakes District is to keep our students healthy in order that they are available to achieve optimal learning while in school.

    We attempt to achieve this through a variety of means.

    • Monitor, care for, and arrange pick up for the student who becomes ill while at school.
    • Communicate health and wellness concerns between home and school and often confer with the student’s medical home.
    • Arrange and teach several classes regarding health and wellness
    • Often attend class trips
    • Administer medication as prescribed and needed
    • Track illness in the buildings and absent students
    • Manage all paperwork related to health, including required sport physicals.
    • Create health plans for those students requiring them
    • Collaborate with our professional peers to ensure each student’s best health


    • When a child is going to be absent, the school the child attends must be called in the morning explaining the reason for the absence
    • You must have a doctor’s note after 3 days of absences stating the child is able to return to school
    • The child must be fever free for 24 hours at home before returning to school
    • If child is out due to a doctor’s visit he must bring in doctor’s note for an excused absent

    Clearance for School

    • A doctor’s clearance is needed to return to school under certain situations. 
      For example:
      • A medical procedure is done
      • Broken bone
      • Emergency room visit
      • Sport injury
      • Hospital stay
    • Your doctor may provide his own clearance including duration, restriction, and activity level and any special instructions or,
    • You can use the Medical Clearance Form.