• Early Elementary Foundations

    For preschool children who are not yet ready to benefit from group instruction, the Foundations Program provides an intensive preparatory program with a very small student to teacher ratio.

    Fosters Development of Critical Skills such as:
    • Sustained attention span
    • Ability to stay on task
    • Ability to participate in mutual interactions
    • Ability to engage in cooperative play
    • Establishing language and communication skills
    • Developing self-regulating behaviors


    The one-on-one learning strategies bring together intensive auditory learning experiences, language and speech training, and other interventions and therapies based on each child’s Individual Education Plan.


    Comprehensive Services Available

    • Individual and Small Group Instruction
    • Auditory Learning Experiences
    • Speech and Language Therapy (4-5per week, 30 minutes per session)
    • Physical Therapy
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Diagnostic and Consultative Services in:
    • Audiology
    • Psychology
    • Speech and Language
    • Summer Program
    • Audiology Department with State of the
    • Art
    • Technology
    • Assistive Technological Support


    Enriched Learning Experiences

    • Thematic, Hands-on Cooperative Learning
    • Math
    • Science
    • Social Studies
    • Language Arts
    • Foundations for Reading
    • Music
    • Library
    • Computer
    • Physical Education
    • Award-winning Visual Arts Program


    Family Support Services

    • Parent Education Classes
    • Discussion and Support Groups
    • Resource Library
    • Family Events
    • Sign Language Classes
    • Home and School Association
    • Counseling Services in English and Spanish
    • Sign Language Interpreting Services