During the last period of each day, most students participate in the Personal Enrichment Program which offers a wide variety of enrichment activities. Students have the option of choosing the activities in which they wish to participate. View theist below for the 2nd Cycle's PEP offerings.  Cycle 2 Sign-ups will take place on Thursday, October 30th starting at 6:00 p.m.








    Themed Crossword Puzzles


    This is a great way to spend some time building your vocabulary and problem solving skills, as well as a great way to keep your mind quick and flexible!

    Limit 24



    How many points can your score?   The object of this fun word game is to get the most points by correctly spelling words. Whether it's a double letter score, or a triple letter score, this game will surely be enjoyable for you.

    Limit 20

    Geography Quiz


    Hone your skills for the upcoming Geography Bee.

    Limit 24

    Star Wars


    This is your chance to watch some of the classics that never get old.  May the force be with you. 

    Limit 24

    Mosaic Coloring


    Students will be creative and relaxed as they color in beautiful and intricate mosaic designs.  A great opportunity to talk to others while making works of art.

    Limit 24

    NY Times Crosswords


    Solve challenging puzzles…with the help of technology and friends.

    Limit 20

    World War II Classic Movies


    Learn about this pivotal world event by watching Hollywood’s version of the past.

    Limit 24

    Inside the NFL


    Make predictions for the upcoming week’s games and watch highlights from the previous one.

    Limit 20

    Newspaper & Briarcliff Bugle-


    Interview people in a range of different circumstances. Seek out and investigate stories for a monthly publication. Attend a variety of school events, such as a student government meeting, sporting events, and performances. Work closely with the news team, photographers and editors. Produce concise and accurate copy. Write short 'fillers' to entertain, and research and write longer feature articles. Create and upload news content for the Bugle using Google Docs.

    Limit- 24

    7th Grade Independent Reading


    Nurture your love of reading. Explore various topics and/or genres of interest such as: historical fiction, classics, poetry, drama, mystery, best-selling non-fiction.

    Limit- 24

    “A-maze-ing” and Jigsaw Puzzles


    Come master dangerously difficult mazes or some challenging jigsaw puzzles.    Bring a friend and have a great Monday afternoon!  

    Limit 20

    Yarn Art


    Come and be creative as you learn to use yarn in new ways....making friendship bracelets, using plastic canvas to create unique items, making an "god's eye". 

    Limit 15




    Chess Club


    Kings, Queens Bishops and Knights… Come one and all.  Test your skills on this ever-popular game of strategy.  Don’t get Rooked!

    Limit- 12




    Star Wars


    Join Luke Skywalker and his crew as you watch the originals, episodes 1, 2 and 3.

    May the force be with you.

    Limit 24




    Fantasy Football


    This is your chance to be an NFL coach.  Draft your ultimate team and lead your team to victory.

    Limit 24



    Join your fellow students in working together to capture the special moments that take place this Fall.

    Limit- 24

    Epic Movie Adventures



    Watching movies themed with epic adventures and following the story arc.

    Limit- 24

    Intro to Sign Language



    This is a cycle long PEP that is mandatory for all 6th graders to take once during the course of the year.  This course will introduce the students to the basic of sign language, allowing them the opportunity to interact and make new friends with our Lake Drive student population.

    Limit 24

    8th Grade Independent Reading


    Find time in this PEP to relax with an Independent Reading book.  A teacher will be with you to answer questions and discuss what you are reading.


    Limit- 24

    Word Games


    Up for a challenge?  If so, see if you can conquer the various word games that you will encounter in this exciting PEP!

    Limit 24

    6th Grade Independent Reading


    Take a little extra time to get ahead in your independent reading book.  Post-its and other organizational tools will be provided.

    Limit- 24



    Do You Sudoku?  Complete the 9 X 9 grid, or 81 total boxes, to solve the puzzle with the digits 1 to 9.  Remember each number appears only once per column, row, and 3-by-3 section.  Come have fun trying to solve these puzzles.  Students may use copies of our puzzles or they are welcome to bring their own puzzles from home.

    Limit 24



    Have fun with your friends while designing your own buildings. 

    Limit 24



    A word game that expands student vocabulary and improves communication skills by teaching kids to think of and use synonyms to describe something

    Limit -20

    Classic Card Games


    A single deck a cards can provide hours of entertainment for players of all ages. Card games area great way to refine mental skills like logic, observation, and memory. Whether it's a solo game of solitaire or a fast paced multi-player game, card games are enjoyed around the world.

    Limit 24

    Intro to Robotics


    Begin learning how to build and program our new VEX IQ robots using a Scratch-like programming interface.  Loads of fun for your budding engineer.  Experience with Scratch or similar programming language required.  We will offer this session two more times and not allow repeats so that we can maximize opportunities for students.

    Limit 8    

    Wake-up Mondays


    This is an intense fitness workout PEP.  We may run outside if weather permits.  So be prepared and dress accordingly.  If weather does not permit we will stay inside and do various fitness regimens.  Only serious fitness enthusiasts should sign up.

    Limit 10

    ESPN 3 


      Watch live games or replayed games from sports like basketball, football etc all streamed through this app. 

    Limit 20



    Learn rules and strategies for this great game.  Played on computers, smartphones or tablets. Try and beat the master.  Limit 20

    Design and Build


    In this course you will have the opportunity to design and build rubber band powered cars, wind racers, "treasure boxes", and more.  You are limited only by your imagination.

    Limit- 15

    Disney Classics


    Enjoy some of Disney's best-animated movies!

    Limit- 24



    Relax and enjoy an afternoon of Bingo with your friends.

    Limit- 20