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    Gifted and Talented and Enrichment Programs

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    ...Mountains are symbolic of the continual upward striving of all our students. Mountain-climbing involves risk and requires determination,organization and skill. It is thus an appropriate metaphor for academic programs that encourage students to challenge themselves.

    P.E.A.K. - The Mountain Lakes Programs for Gifted and Talented and Enrichment

    P.E.A.K is built upon educational research in the design and delivery of differentiated instruction. The District recognizes that all students have gifts and talents. Therefore, the P.E.A.K. Program offers a variety of enriching educational experiences to help students in grades K-12 discover and develop their unique abilities.

    The P.E.A.K. Program derives from the District’s ongoing commitment to two key components:

    • strong foundation core curriculum delivered with differentiated instruction, and
    • expanded, rigorous opportunities for students to excel academically.

    Approximately three percent of our students are identified for Advanced Learning Consultation Service, based on standardized testing, teacher input, and overall classroom performance. These students receive specialized assistance in setting specific academic goals from grades 3 - 12.

    All students identified as gifted are invited to meet, along with parents, with the Supervisor of Gifted Ed. to map out the many choices from the Enrichment Cluster Groups that are offered through the year.  Students who are new to the district meet with the Guidance Counselor as well as the Gifted Ed. Supervisor to ensure that they are aware of the many choices offered. All sixth grade students are assessed using the Otis Lennon School Ability Test.  Any student who is new to the district is given the Otis Lennon Assessment.  Identified students are shared with all teachers and guidance staff so that they can appropriately challenge and support their academic and social and emotional needs.