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Our District

Mission Statement
The Mountain Lakes Public Schools will ensure that all students demonstrate mastery of defined skills and knowledge that will empower them to be productive, responsible, self-directed citizens of the global community. Our district promotes safe and supportive learning environments that challenge and inspire students while cultivating their intellectual curiosity. We are committed to providing adequate resources to maintain the successful educational partnership that exists among staff, family, and community.
Our schools foster the emotional, social, and physical development of our students. A dynamic and continuously evolving curriculum addresses academic preparation and personal resiliency that includes the life-long learning skills of self- awareness, self-direction, and perspective consciousness. Achieving our mission should enable each student to actualize his or her unique potential and to excel in any endeavor he or she undertakes.
Belief Statements
  1. Every member of the Mountain Lakes educational community possesses inherent worth; accordingly, mutual respect guides all personal interactions.
  2. The ultimate goal of the educational system is to help students achieve their full potential and prepare them to function as mature, self-reliant members of society.
  3. Students who so choose should be prepared to enter the college of their choice and succeed there having acquired the requisite literacies and critical thinking skills sought by selective colleges and universities.
  4. Students should strive for excellence in all endeavors, but recognize that there are multiple paths to success.
  5. Students should practice ethical behavior and have integrity in all aspects of their lives.
  6. Resources should be provided to teachers to facilitate instruction that meets and exceeds the requirements of the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards, addresses 21st Century Learning Skills, and includes collaborative planning and training opportunities.