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District Goals

District Goals 2023 - 2024

Goal Area Goal Statement
Ensuring the Success of All Students
Diversify academic programming that reaches all learners, emphasizing literacy instruction and programming in K-5.
Ensuring the Success of All Staff

Revise the teacher evaluation system by exploring alternative models and engaging with all stakeholders.  

Building a culture of communication, collaboration, and problem-solving by using resources like Jimmy Casas coaching and peer discussion.

Supporting the Whole Child Develop a Social Emotional Learning framework for effective behavioral interventions for all students, emphasizing the entrenchment of the Wingman Program across the district.
Finance/Infrastructure/Technology Update and prioritize the district’s Long Range Facilities Plan (LRFP), conduct a demographic study, develop a safety and security plan, as well as design, migrate, build, and launch a new district website.  
Strong Family/School/Community Partnerships Collaborate with community groups for opportunities to support and show appreciation for teachers, staff, coaches, advisors, and others who engage our students throughout the year, emphasizing a process of awarding NJ Governor Educator of the Year recognition.


Board Goals 2023 - 2024

Board Goal Committee Support
Development of a sustainable comprehensive budget that supports the district’s goals/priorities, short and long-term facility needs, strengthens the district’s financial position and works to increase revenue and manage costs. Finance, Facilities
To support and provide for the implementation of the districtwide five-year strategic plan.

Will assign to align with Strategic Plan action steps.

To enhance the support, celebration, and recognition of the contributions and accomplishments of district staff and students.

Curriculum, Personnel, Special Services

To enhance the accountability and transparency of the accomplishment of Board goals through the development/monitoring of action plans and a quarterly reporting of progress.

Full Board