• Hello and welcome to the MLHS Service Project website. 
    At MLHS, we believe students need to be prepared to live as engaged, global citizens. One major component of all US History 1 courses is the MLHS Service Hours project.  Specifically, 10th-grade students are required to complete fifteen hours of volunteer work.  (SCROLL DOWN FOR SERVICE OPPORTUNITIES.)
    To demonstrate your completion of the program, students will (1) collect verification forms and (2) write a short reflection piece. Although students will be graded on their work, this project is to be completed on each student’s own time outside of direct teacher supervision.
    To earn full credit for the project, the following must be submitted:

    1. A reflection must be written and it can be based on any of the topics outlined in this GoogleDoc

    2. A “service verification form” for each activity should be completed & signed by an adult supervisor. REMINDER: Get the form before each activity & have the form completed at the time of each activity.  This practice will avoid confusion at the end of the year. This form is available to you virtually here, but we also have copies in the MLHS main office. If you want a PDF so your supervisor can type in the information, then click on the PDF below

    3. The service activity must be performed during this current year, beginning in summer 2017. I will also be sending updates and opportunities to this site periodically and I will email the entire 10th grade of any updates as well.
    4. Updates will be listed below as they come up.